Early September to Mid-November

  • In mid September aerate, and seed lawns.
  • Add winterizer fertilizer to stimulate root growth for stronger grass plants in the spring. If you have a clay soil, apply pelletized lime to neutralize some acidity and loosen soil to better receive water and nutrients.
  • As needed in late October remove leaves and debris from your lawn and beds to prevent unwanted insects and mold under the snow.
  • Also in late October wrap soft barked trees like Crabapple, Ash, Tree Lilac, and Maple. This will reduce/prevent sun scald, splitting, and possibly animal damage from rodents, rabbits, and even deer.
  • Plant and mulch spring bulbs.
  • Mulch roses.
  • Discard summer plants in pots and create cold weather/winter arrangements with tree tops, colorful twigs, etc…
  • Blow out your sprinkler system.
  • Make notes about anything you would like to change or discuss with your designer.
  • Continue watering new plantings by hand until ground is continually frozen due to frost. (mid November)
  • Devour the fall colors and crisp air. Roast marshmallows with family, friends, and neighbors around your outdoor fireplace. Take in the sights, smells, and sounds of fall!
  • Contact you designer about a site visit in preparation for a spring project.