Mid-June to late August

  • Maintain adequate watering by pulling back the mulch and checking soil. Water deeply so roots of the plants will grow deeply into the soil. Do not rely on sprinkler systems to water as it will train the roots to grow close to the soil surface and they will be easily damaged when a dry period comes.
  • Install any constructed hardscape projects you may have.
  • Start planning fall projects with your designer.
  • Watch for insect damage on plants and react immediately with the appropriate chemical control. Do not spray unnecessarily as a preventative measure. Take a sample of the damage to your local garden center for identification and the proper control. Be sure to follow all chemical label instructions.
  • Be sure spring blooming plants have been pruned within two weeks of blooming and follow suit with summer bloomers as they finish.
  • Apply additional lawn fertilizer as recommended by manufacturer and as needed.
  • Enjoy the company of family and friends in your outdoor space. Take in the sights, smells, and sounds of summer!